Cleaning and Sterilizing In Place (CIP - SIP) systems

Modern food factories require a controlled repeatable cleaning cycle to ensure the quality and safety of food products. DPT offers a wide range of turnkey CIP systems to meet these demands. Our engineers are experts in fine tuning cycle times, chemical concentrations, temperatures and fluid velocities to meet your specific cleaning demands.

Sustainable production is increasingly important. Reducing energy consumption during CIP is a big part of reducing the carbon footprint. Our CIP systems can be equipped with an energy saving feature that modifies our active system size to the size of the object. Contact us to learn more about this feature and how it will impact your process.

Sterilization In Place (SIP):
If clean is not good enough and your product requires a sterile environment DPT can design and implement a SIP solution. Once the system is cleaned using the CIP system the production line will be sterilized with food grade steam. Sterile barriers and regulated overpressure ensure aseptic sterile conditions inside the production line.

Optimisation of existing cleaning systems:
Products and production processes change over time creating different cleaning requirements. DPT is your partner in trouble shooting and optimising existing CIP systems. Together with your engineers we look at the product and the specific unit operations in your process. Double checking the correct chemicals, temperatures, liquid velocities and spray nozzles sizes will save you time and money. Contact us if you would like to review your existing cleaning system.